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CumulusCI helps build great applications on the Salesforce platform by automating org setup, testing, and deployment for everyone — from developers and admins to testers and product managers.

Best practices, proven at scale. CumulusCI provides a complete development and release process created by to build and release applications to thousands of users on the Salesforce platform. It's easy to start new projects with a standard set of tasks (single actions) and flows (sequences of tasks), or customize by adding your own.

Batteries included. Out-of-the-box features help you quickly:

  • Build sophisticated orgs with automatic installation of dependencies.
  • Load and capture sample datasets to make your orgs feel real.
  • Apply transformations to existing metadata to tailor orgs to your specific requirements.
  • Run builds in continuous integration systems.
  • Create end-to-end browser tests and setup automation using Robot Framework.

Build anywhere. Automation defined using CumulusCI is portable. It is stored in a source repository and can be run from your local command line, from a continuous integration system, or from a customer-facing MetaDeploy installer. CumulusCI can run automation on scratch orgs created using the Salesforce CLI, or on persistent orgs like sandboxes, production orgs, and Developer Edition orgs.

Learn more

For a tutorial introduction to CumulusCI, complete the Build Applications with CumulusCI trail on Trailhead.

To go in depth, read the full documentation.

If you just want a quick intro, watch these screencast demos of using CumulusCI to configure a Salesforce project from a GitHub repository.

For a live demo with voiceover, please see Jason Lantz's PyCon 2020 presentation from minute 36 through minute 54.

Questions? ( customers and partners can ask in the CumulusCI group in the Power of Us Hub.

Others can ask in the CumulusCI group in the Trailblazer Community.

Please note: CumulusCI is distributed under an open source license and is not covered by the Salesforce Master Subscription Agreement.

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