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“To Radical Openness and Generosity”

This is a repository of financial data and reflections on administration from the School for Poetic Computation. We're committed to keeping the public informed on how we make and spend money, and empowering our community to actively improve the way we run the school. We especially hope that by sharing our experiences, we can be helpful to those thinking about starting their own schools.

Budgets in Financial Narrative form

Profit & Loss Statements:

  • Available for the following years (2013, 2014, 2015) in PDF, XLSX, and CSV formats.

Please direct questions, ideas, and other comments to:

About Us

We are a group of artists, hackers and educators who are super committed to open source and open hardware, to radical openness and generosity. read more →

About the School for Poetic Computation

SFPC is an artist-run school which launched Fall 2013 in New York. A small group of students and faculty work closely to explore the intersections of code, design, hardware and theory — focusing especially on artistic intervention. It's a 10 week program, a hybrid of residency and research group, that will happen multiple times per year to be a powerboost for creativity. Our motto is: more poetry, less demo.


"To radical openness and generosity." Public data and reflections on finance and administration from the School for Poetic Computation.






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