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Lobby and matchmaking server for openage in Haskell
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openage matchmaking and lobbies

What's this?

This is the "master server" for openage.


  • Dedicated server registry for public lobbies
  • Player accounts
  • Match results signed with GPG
  • Player and match statistics
  • Elo rankings and match making

When you want to play with friends via LAN, VPN or Internet, this server is not required for you.

This server provides available public lobbies and can generate balanced battles through Elo matchmaking.

How do I run this thing?

You probably don't want to run it except for development: To have one "official" community, this server is provided by sft.

The openage masterserver uses the haskell tool stack to build and install. Executables can be built using stack build.

The server can be started by running stack exec openage-masterserver. The port it is listening on and the database login credentials are specified in the config file /etc/openage/masterserver.cfg.

To start a testclient use stack exec openage-masterserver-test HOST PORT You will be promted to enter login credentials which need to be stored in the postgres database. To view all available commands type help.

Can I help?

Yay! You can just start hacking on whatever you like to improve. Fix bugs, implement features, submit pull requests!

If you got any question, join our IRC: #sfttech on


GNU AGPLv3 or later; see and legal/AGPLv3.

I know that probably nobody is ever gonna look at the file, but if you want to contribute code to openage, please take the time to skim through it and add yourself to the authors list.

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