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This bot provides a text bridge between an IRC channel and a Mumble server.

How to install/configure/run

You can directly run sftbot by typing ./run or python2 -m sftbot. To permanently install sftbot, type sudo ./ install. Then, you can run it by typing sftbot.

You need to provide a config file that (among others) contains user credentials for the bot. An example conf file can be found in sftbot.conf.example.

You can either specify a conf file path as a command line argument (sftbot myconffile.conf), or place it at ./sftbot.conf or /etc/sftbot.conf.


By default, the bot

  • Relays messages from a mumble channel to an IRC channel
  • Leaves the channel when somebody types 'gtfo'
  • Tries to reconnect on connection failures

However, this behaviour can be altered easily by editing sftbot/, which contains several fairly self-explainatory callback functions that will be automatically invoked at the appropriate times. For example, certain IRC messages may be ignored by adding a line if message.contains('bannedtext'): return to the top of ircTextMessageCallback. More complex, 'botty' behaviour may be implemented the same way; note that you can call irc.sendTextMessage() and mumble.sendTextMessage() from everywhere within the callback functions.


  • python2
  • protobuf-python (Debian/Ubuntu package: python-protobuf, Arch package: python2-protobuf)


Nice-to-have features (which we don't plan to implement right now, but feel free to do it yourself):

  • SSL certificate validation support
  • SSL client certificate support
  • More chat protocols (e.g. XMPP multi-user chat)
  • Init scripts for <your distribution here>


Mumble uses Google Protobuf for most of its communications; this means that one code file needs to be auto-generated (that's what the Makefile is there for). Unfortunately, protoc does not officially support python3, so we're forced to deal with python2 and all its string buffer ugliness.


You can find us at If you found a bug, feel free to join and randomly insult channel OPs until someone fixes it (or bans you). Alternatively, fix it yourself and send a pull request.


See COPYING. The license is GPLv3 or higher.