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SINOVATE (SIN) is an open-source state of the art digital cryptocurrency. We create and build innovative blockchain services for individuals, developers, and enterprises. Big Data solutions, decentralized cloud (dCloud), proof-of-integrity, proof-of-inheritance, and inflation are some of the resolutions presented to the crypto space.

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Features and Innovations

  • X25X GPU Algorithm. Leading-edge, in-house built,custom GPU mining algorithm. More complex,less power-hungry.
  • Deterministic InfinityNodes Explicitly designed to overcome the hyperinflation all cryptocurrency projects face. InfinityNodes burn the collateral with unprecedented network security and stability.
  • Incorruptible Data Storage Incorruptible Data Storage. DataSend, DataStore and Blockchain-mail. Proof-of-Integrity. Unlimited private networking of big data storage.

SINOVATE (SIN) combines its brand new X25X Proof of Work (PoW) algorithm with LWMA difficulty retargeting algorithm, Reorg fork reject solution merged with P.O.B., establishes a 51% attack protection.

X25X is GPU mineable and ensures ASIC, FPGA and QUANTUM resistance, solidifying the decentralised consensus mechanism in the process.

Coin Specifications

Specification Value
Block Reward 3052.5 SIN
Block Time 2 Minutes
Block Fee 10%
Difficulty Retargeting Algo LWMA
Max Transactions Per Second 533 tx/s
Total Supply Always Less than 800 million SIN infinitely
Max Block Size 16 MB
SINOVATE legacy address start with S
InfinityNode Port 20970
BIG Node Requirement 1.000.000 SIN
MID Node Requirement 500.000 SIN
MINI Node Requirement 100.000 SIN



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