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Arduino library for smooth ADC results
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SmoothADC Build Status

Arduino library for smooth ADC results

The SmoothADC library helps filtering ADC values when smoother evolution of values is needed (getting rid of pikes for example). 4 values, average on mid ones.

I tried to keep the lib as tiny as possible.


  • Declare a SmoothADC instance (called adc below)
  • Initialize instance with adc.init(Pin, Resolution, Period)
    • Pin: adc pin
    • Resolution: timing resolution (us/ms)
    • Period: sample rate
  • adc.serviceADCPin(): Method to service the ADC pin when module is enabled (should be placed somewhere in the main loop)
  • adc.getADCVal(): Get the average ADC pin value (should replace usual analogRead)
  • adc.setPin(pin): Set ADC pin to service
  • adc.setResolution(resolution): Set Resolution of ADC pin to service (us/ms)
  • adc.setPeriod(period): Set sample rate of servicing
  • adc.getPin(): Get the serviced ADC pin
  • adc.getResolution(): Get the resolution for the serviced ADC pin
  • adc.getPeriod(): Get the sample rate of the serviced pin
  • adc.enable(): Enable ADC smoothing module
  • adc.disable(): Disable ADC smoothing module
  • adc.isEnabled(): Test if ADC smoothing is enabled
  • adc.isDisabled(): Test if ADC smoothing is disabled

Examples included

This example defines A0 & A1 (analog inputs) to be handled by SmoothADC library

Samples every 50ms for A0

Samples every 500us for A1

Every second, the average value from A0 & A1 are sent to serial port


Doxygen doc can be generated using "Doxyfile".

See generated documentation

Release Notes

See release notes

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