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Successor ML

Successor ML is an effort to evolve the Standard ML language while keeping true to its clean and elegant design.

A related effort is the evolution of the Standard ML Basis Library.

Note that this repository used to be called Proposed-Definition-of-Successor-ML, but it has been renamed to Successor-ML. Github will automatically redirect the old URL, but you can also updating any existing local clones using the command:

$ git remote set-url origin


The LaTeX sources for The Definition of Successor ML can be found in the definition directory.

Design proposals

Coming soon

Implementation efforts

At this time, there are three implementation efforts to support Successor ML.

  • The most complete is Andreas Rossberg's HaMLet S implementation, which implements all of the features described in the The Definition of Successor ML (and more).

  • The MLton implementation of Standard ML is working on supporting Successor ML features. See [] for details.

  • The Standard ML of New Jersey implementation of Standard ML is also working on supporting Successor ML features (as of Version 110.79).


A version of the 1997 SML definition with corrections and some proposed Successor ML features added.



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