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A simple SMT-LIB v2 trace executor.
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SMT-COMP Trace-Executor

This is the official "trace executor" for the Incremental Track (previously: Application Track) of SMT-COMP. It is based on the official "trace executor" used in the Application track of SMT-COMP 2011.

The trace executor emulates an on-line interaction between an SMT solver and a client application, providing incremental queries to the SMT solver.

  Usage: ./smtlib2_trace_executor [--continue-after-unknown] SOLVER BENCHMARK_WITH_SOLUTIONS

The format of the BENCHMARK_WITH_SOLUTIONS file is

  SMT-LIBv2 script

The prefix of solutions is used for checking the correctness of the results given by the SMT solver. If the prefix contains n "sat"/"unsat" solutions before the first "unknown", at most n (check-sat) queries will be executed unless option --continue-after-unknown is enabled (off by default).


make test runs the tests for the trace executor. This command runs the trace executor on all the *.smt2 files in the subdirectories of test/ and compares the output against the expected output in the corresponding *.smt2.expect file. The scripts in the subdirectories of test/ simulate solvers and for each test case, make test uses the script in the same directory as the input.

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