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Client application for the SuperNova Early Warning System 2.0 network


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An alert application for observing supernovae with the SNEWS detector network.



  • Python 3.6 or above


This is an alert application that extends the SCiMMA hop-client using the hop-client cookiecutter template. This application monitors the observations published by detectors in the SuperNova Early Warning System (SNEWS) network, and can optionally send alerts upon the detection of a potential supernova.

The application consists of:

  • storage - data structure to store recent messages and remove old messages
  • decider - applies message parsing logic to decide if incoming messages indicate a supernova
  • model - instantiates a decider object and connects to SCiMMA HOPSKOTCH message streams; passes messages using to the decider; publishes an alert message if the decider indicates a supernova

The application utilizes the hop-plugin-snews plugin to provide custom message formats: see the repository and [documentation] for more details about this format, and see the hop-client message formats for information on specifying other custom formats.

With appropriate HOPSKOTCH authentication, a user can use the application to publish and subscribe to the online topic "snews-TOPIC".


Setting up a virtual environment

  • pip:
  python3 -m venv demo-venv
  source demo-venv/bin/activate
  • conda:
    conda create --name demo-venv python=3.7
    conda activate demo-venv

Install snews

  • pip
    pip install git+

Basic command-lines

  • running the app:
    snews model --env-file example.env --no-auth
  • generating test messages:
    snews generate --env-file example.env --rate 0.5 --alert-probability 0.1 --persist --no-auth


For a full tutorial on how to set up the application with local message streams, follow the guide here:

For a full tutorial on how to set up the application with the SCiMMA HOPSKOTCH network and request HOPSKOTCH credentials, follow the guide here: