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Here you can find .NET interactive and none .NET Jupyter notebooks. They are all .NET PowerShell, PowerShell or SQL language notebooks introducing dbatools and dbachecks or performing administration tasks. Please feel free to use as you see fit. All I ask is that you let me know and that you have a small attribution to me
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This will hold the Jupyter Notebooks and work with Binder


This repo holds the Azure Data Studio and .NET interactive notebooks

There are a number of notebooks in this repository split into two types

Jupyter .NET interactive Notebooks

These can be found in the following folder. To run these notebooks will require installing Anaconda, dotnet interactive following the instructions at

They are all dotnet PowerShell Notebooks

There are notebooks to explore dbatools making use of some docker containers

and dbachecks using the same container image

as well as some generic PowerShell ones and Azure

Azure Data Studio Notebooks

These require Azure Data Studio and will install python and required packages on first start.

There are SQL and PowerShell notebooks split into various directories

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