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A copy utility that is in all managed code using unbuffered IO and a hand rolled overlapped scheme to get the speed as close to C/C++
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UBCopy is a file copy tool written in 100% managed code. What makes it different is its speed. While not as fast as a native application written in C or C++ it is very close. This was put together as a proof of concept initially to prove that you can get some performance from managed code and file I/O. Now includes the ability to do mult-threaded file copy with a configurable setting on what is a small file minimum small file size is 1 megabyte.

File Copy Started
File Copy Done
File Size MB     : 869.63
Elapsed Seconds  : 1.306
Megabytes/sec    : 698.22
FastCopy 2.08 --
TotalRead = 869.6 MB
TotalWrite = 869.6 MB
TotalFiles = 1 (0)
TotalTime= 1.12 sec
TransRate= 774.38 MB/s
FileRate  = 0.89 files/s

Single Thread doing the work on small files
[9936] - ElapsedSeconds      : 10.089
[9936] - Files Per Second    : 10.7047279214987
[9936] - Megabytes per Second: 3.68395417896202
[9936] - Number of Byes Copied : 38972858
[9936] - Elapsed Seconds  : 10.141
[9936] - Done.

Eight Threads doing the work on small files. 
[11076] - ElapsedSeconds      : 1.059
[11076] - Files Per Second    : 101.983002832861
[11076] - Megabytes per Second: 35.0967079429158
[11076] - Number of Byes Copied : 38972858
[11076] - Elapsed Seconds  : 1.105
[11076] - Done.

This sample test copy was done on an HP DL380G7 with 96 15k SAS drives attached to two P411 Controllers and one Fusion-io Duo 640. The file was read from the Fusion-io card and written to the storage array. I tested on such a high end system to make sure I was working through all the potential bottlenecks in the code.
You can also read about it in this blog post 

Usage: UBCopy [OPTIONS]
Copy files using un-buffered IO and Overlapping buffers

  -s, --sourcefile[=VALUE]   The file you wish to copy
  -d, --destinationfile[=VALUE]
                             The target file you wish to write
  -o, --overwritedestination[=VALUE]
                             True if you want to overwrite the destination
                               file if it exists
  -m, --movefile[=VALUE]     True if you want to copy the file to new
                               location and delete from the old location
  -c, --checksum[=VALUE]     True if you want use MD5 hash to verify the
                               destination file is the same as the source file
  -b, --buffersize[=VALUE]   size in Megabytes, maximum of 32
  -t, --threads[=VALUE]      number of threads to use for small file copying
  -z, --filesize[=VALUE]     smallest file size for threaded copy, in
  -r, --reportprogress[=VALUE]
                             True give a visual indicator of the copy progress
  -?, -h, --help             show this message and exit
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