Command line and webapp application for driving Sonos boxes
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sonos-java : Java tools for driving Sonos boxes.

Already available :

  • Sonos command line interface

  • Sonos java API

To come later :

  • Sonos webapp

  • Mirror4J integration


Command line usage

Examples : -c stop -z all -c play -z all -c play # will play on all zones, like if -z all had been provided

Usage :

Usage: <main class> [options] Additionnal command parameters
    --command, -c         Command to be run
        --control-port    Control port (needed for SSDP discovery, default =
        --debug           Debug mode
                          Default: false
    -h, --usage, --help   Shows available commands
                          Default: false
    --zone, -z            Sonos zone logic name to run command on. Put 'ALL' for
                          interacting on all zones, or separate zones with comma. Valid
                          examples are : '-z kitchen', '-z ALL', '-z kitchen,room', '-z

  Commands :
    add                            : Enqueue something in the queue list [additionnal parameters needed]
    discover                       : Discover every Sonos box on the network
    list                           : Browse the playlist [additionnal parameters needed]
    move                           : Move song to another position in the track list [additionnal parameters needed]
    mute                           : Mute a zone
    next                           : Skip to next song
    pause                          : Pause zone
    play                           : Starts playing
    prev                           : Skip to previous song
    remove                         : Remove the specified song number from the current playlist [additionnal parameters needed]
    removeall                      : Clear the playlist
    save                           : Save playlist [additionnal parameters needed]
    setxport                       : Set the XPort [additionnal parameters needed]
    shuffle                        : Set shuffle on
    stop                           : Pause zone
    track                          : Skip to specified track [additionnal parameters needed]
    unmute                         : Unmute a zone
    unshuffle                      : Set shuffle off
    volume                         : Set volume to a given level [0-100] [additionnal parameters needed]
    down                           : Lower volume by 5
    up                             : Up volume by 5

  Examples :
    --command play --zone kitchen,room        Starts music in kitchen and room
    --command volume 25 --zone kitchen        Set volume to 25 in kitchen
    --command pause --zone all                Pause all found zones
    --command pause                           Pause all found zones

Java API usage

Check the few junit.

Example :

new JavaCommander().execute("salon", "play");

How to build

You need Maven (2 or 3) as a build tool. Just run from the sonos-root project a maven command like "mvn clean install -Dmaven.test.skip=true" to build the various jars.

Most dependencies are available in the maven central repository, excepted the cling one. To have this one, if you don't own a Maven repository on your own (which would allow to deploy the missing jars there), your can just add this maven configuration :

How To Build

To enable the required maven repositories add the following profile to your settings.xml


And to activate by default add:


More information on mavens settings.xml can be found at