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Configuration templates for configuring TLS
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This repository contains templates of configuration directives to
configure SSL certificates with different server software.  These
templates are used to power the config guides used by SSLMate <>
and <>.

The templates are found, one per file, in the templates/ directory,
and an index of available templates is in templates.index.

The following strings are replaced when interpolating the template:

	__KEY_PATH__		path to the private key file
	__CERT_PATH__		path to the certificate file
	__CHAIN_PATH__		path to the chain certificate file
	__CHAINED_PATH__	path to file containing concatenation of certificate and chain

The format of templates.index is one template per line, where each line
has the following syntax:

	name SP title

where name corresponds to the name of the template file in the templates
directory, title is a friendly human-readable title, and SP is one or
more whitespace characters.

At the moment, these configuration templates contain only the directives
necessary to configure a certificate.  In the future, recommended cipher
and protocol settings will also be included.

Copyright (C) 2014 Opsmate, Inc.
Licensed under the MIT/X11 license (see COPYING for details)
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