Jenkins plugin to run DSpot as a build step
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STAMP DSpot Jenkins plugin

Build Status

The plugin is meant to run DSpot as a build step within Jenkins. Both freestyle jobs and pipelines are supported.

Developed in the context of STAMP project

Latest release:

  • v.1.0.0 (DSpot 1.2.1)


  • Install the plugin in Jenkins (for details on how to install a plugin see here).

  • You can download the released hpi file or build from source with

mvn package


Freestyle job

  • Create a freestyle job that complies your tests
  • Add a build action to run Dspot


add the dspot step in the build stage: dspot variable1: value1, ..., variable1: valueN see the table below for the variable list. All variables are optional and default to the values in the table


Option pipeline variable Usage Default
Project Location projectPath path to the target project root from the folder where dspot is executed. Defaults to Workspace
Source location srcCode path to the source code folder src/main/java/
Tests location testCode path to the test source folder src/test/java/
Source binary location srcClasses path to the compiled code folder. (.class files) target/classes/
Tests binary location testClasses path to the compiled tests folder. (.class files) target/test-classes/
Filter testFilter filter on the package name containing tests to be amplified all tests
Output directory outputDir path to the output folder dspot-out
Run on changes onlyChanges Runs only on new or changed tests since the last build false

For detailed information on the options have a look at DSpot documentation.


Build your project. DSpot will be run on the selected tests and the reports / amplified tests will be stored in the specified folder in your workspace.

Initial development by Engineering