Research project about software testing 2017-2020

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  1. dspot

    Automatically detect and generate missing assertions for Junit test cases (also known as test amplification)

    Java 23 11

  2. pitest-descartes

    Descartes supports developers to improve their test suites by reporting weak spots in covered code

    Java 26 7

  3. camp

    Amplify your Configuration tests!

    Python 5 2

  4. docs-forum

    Documentation and general discussions


  5. pitmp-maven-plugin

    Maven plugin to handle multi module projects for PiTest

    Java 9 3

  6. botsing

    Botsing is a Java framework for crash reproduction. It depends on EvoSuite (http://www.evosuite.org) for code instrumentation.

    Java 9 4

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