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STH Linux benchmarking script
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Linux-Bench - A System Benchmark and comparison tool created by the STH community.

Linux-Bench is a sscript that runs hardinfo, Unixbench 5.1.3, c-ray 1.1, STREAM, OpenSSL, sysbench (CPU),
crafty, redis, NPB, NAMD, and 7-zip benchmarks

Linux-Bench must be run as root or using a su prompt to automate download and installation of benchmarks
If running in a virtual environment, export VIRTUAL=TRUE before running. Automatically set for Docker.

For more information go:

Authors: Patrick Kennedy, Charles Nguyen (Chuckleb), Patriot, nitrobass24, mir  

Latest development versions are available on the GitHub site:

If you find bugs, verify you are on the latest version and then post in:
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