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Note: There has been some confusion between this and the late CMSGov/ repository.

There were two contractors working on, each with separate responsibilities. The CMSGov repository had one section. This repository contains the other.

CMSGov Repository

  • Frontend Blog Files
  • No Marketplace application code
  • Relatively bug-free
  • Completed by Development Seed

This repository

  • Marketplace application code
  • Numerous bugs and poor coding practices
  • Completed by CGI Federal
  • This is the code that has been on the news.

As of this writing, this is the only repository on GitHub with this data.

What This Is

This repository is an unofficial bug tracker and pull request target for fixes to, the much-maligned backend piece created by CGI Federal. Please post issues you've been having with the marketplace here. As there is no other publicly available bugtracker, this is the place to post issues and bugs.

This repository attempts to be a working fork of the marketplace. You should be able to run this on a local web server and access in the same way.

As of this time, the login page and much of the basic application will function correctly from your local machine, making this repository great for testing and bugfixes.

What This Isn't

This is not an official repository. For all we know, nobody is listening.

This is not a clone of the CMSGov/ repository.

I have created this in hopes that there are some concerned programmers at CGI Federal who want to see the project succeed. Sourcing fixes from the users of is one way to achieve that goal.

See the pull request that started this idea. (Google Cache)

See the open issues and closed issues.

How To Run

Prerequisites: node.

git clone # or download ZIP
npm install
npm start # Starts local proxy server & launches browser


There are no tests at this time. Please submit some in your favorite test framework. I lean towards QUnit but I won't refuse adding any worthwhile test code.


Open Issues

  • Redirect API calls to their actual destination so this fork works
  • Rewrite incoming redirects so we don't get moved back to on login.
  • Add any missing JS/CSS from other sections of the site
  • Add unit tests and TravisCI integration
  • Pass JSHint (good luck)


If frustrates you, please contribute! My hope is that this repository becomes large enough to attract some real attention, not just from CGI Federal but from Health & Human Services. They have been thoroughly embarassed by this boondoggle and with luck will be looking for a way to reform the system and save face.

See the TODO list above.

While the existing source does not pass jshint, please make sure that any contributions do (we have to start somewhere). Unit tests would be greatly appreciated. Please place them inside the test/ folder, prefixed by unit test framework (qunit, jasmine). Please just make sure they pass, and feel free to use your favorite test framework. I will take care of wiring them into Grunt and TravisCI.

See the baseline branch for unmodified upstream files. If you notice a change in the Marketplace, please commit it to that branch. Changes will be merged from baseline to master when possible.


If you want to run without minification for development, use grunt develop. Be sure to install grunt globally if you haven't already, using npm install -g grunt.


Community-driven fixes to's unstable marketplace.






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