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SUSEConnect is a command line tool for connecting a client system to the SUSE Customer Center. It will connect the system to your product subscriptions and enable the product repositories/services locally.

SUSEConnect is distributed as RPM for all SUSE distributions and gets built in the openSUSE build service.

Please visit to see and manage your subscriptions.

SUSEConnect communicates with SCC over this REST API.

Rake tasks

rake bump     # increase version of a gem
rake console  # Run console loaded with gem
rake rubocop  # Run Rubocop
rake spec     # Run RSpec

Docker usage

Build an image (and everytime you change code)


  • docker build -t connect.12sp0 -f Dockerfile.12sp0 .


  • docker build -t connect.12sp1 -f Dockerfile.12sp1 .


  • docker build -t connect.12sp2 -f Dockerfile.12sp2 .


  • docker build -t connect.12sp3 -f Dockerfile.12sp3 .


  • docker build -t connect.15sp0 -f Dockerfile.15sp0 .

Run commands

Note: Substitute connect.12sp0 with the respective image you've built above.

Open a console

  • docker run --privileged --rm -ti connect.12sp0 /bin/bash

Run RSpec

  • docker run --privileged --rm -t connect.12sp0 su nobody -c rspec

Run Cucumber

  • docker run --privileged --rm -t connect.12sp0 cucumber

Run Rubocop

  • docker run --privileged --rm -t connect.12sp0 su nobody -c rubocop

Or run whole set of tests together

  • docker run --privileged --rm -t connect.12sp0 sh docker/