SUSE Manager database administration tool (replacement for spacewalk-dobby)
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SUSE Manager Database Admin or SMDBA is a replacement for spacewalk-dobby.
Key features:
  1. Support Oracle and PostgreSQL
  2. No configuration other than just default /etc/rhn/rhn.conf
  3. No DBI drivers at all.
  4. All work is done through sudo.

In case you want to use it without SUSE Manager:
  1. Change DEFAULT_CONFIG in class Console, which is located in 
     $SOURCE/src/smdba/smdba to something else.

  2. By default it reacts to the following keys in the config (example):
     db_backend = oracle
     db_user = scott
     db_password = tiger
     db_name = test
     db_host = localhost
     db_port = 1521

   3. At the moment "db_backend" can have only two values: "oracle" or "postgresql".
      Therefore it will load "oraclegate" or "postgresqlgate" module. Once you want
      something else, like H2, you suppose to create "h2gate" module.