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Display and interact with SVG Images on iOS / OS X, using native rendering (CoreAnimation)
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SVGKit is a Cocoa framework for rendering SVG files natively: it's fast and powerful. Some additional info and links are on the wiki


Latest info at:

  • v2.x = current "in development" branch with latest changes, fixes, features
    • NB: this is now automatically selected in GitHub as the "default" branch when you visit SVGKit's project page

Getting Started

Run the Demo

NB: April 2015: new Demo app, many more features, may have teething troubles with this one.

  1. Open up "Demo-iOS.xcodeproj", and run it (on simulator or device). Try different SVG's. Zoom, pan, and (with the Monkey only:) hit the "Animate" button. Tap the images to see bounding-boxes / hit dectection (might need you to hit the Debug button first)
  2. If you have ANY problems building the library and embedding it in your app, compare your build settings to the Demo-iOS build settings - if something's different, it's probably the problem.

Build the static library (automatic)

We use this build script to automatically build ALL versions of the library at once, and ship them as a single file:

It's all setup already, all you need to do is:

  1. Open "SVGKit-iOS.xcodeproj", and Build it (cmd-B)
  2. in left navbar, scroll to bottom, and open the "Products" section
  3. right click the library ("libSVGKitBLAHBLAH.a") and select "show in finder"
  5. select the "Debug-universal" (or Release-universal if you were building in Release mode) folder
  6. Drag/drop the .a file and the "usr" folder into your project (select the "Copy files" checkbox)
  7. In Build Settings, select "Other Linker Flags" and add "-ObjC"
  8. Edit your build settings and set "C/C++ Compiler Version" = "LLVM Compiler 2.0"
  9. Add ALL the frameworks and 3rd party libraries listed below (go to "Build Phases", and "Link Binary with Libraries"):
    • CoreText
    • CoreImage
    • libxml2.dylib
    • QuartzCore
    • CoreGraphics
    • UIKit

Everything else is automatic.

However, early versions of Xcode5 have a major bug, affecting all libraries:

  1. Xcode 5: Apple will create a hardlink to your local hard-disk, breaking your project for all your co-workers. This is a new bug added for Xcode5 :(
  2. Xcode5: in Build Settings, scroll down to the "Library Search Paths"
  3. Xcode5: double click it. If it has any absolute paths, chop off the start, and replace the start with ""$(SRCROOT)/"" (note the quotes inside are necessary - Apple's Xcode has another bug where it will fail to build if you have spaces in any of your folder names!)

Instead of fixing the bug, in latest Xcode 5.0.2, Apple has simply made it allow two copies of every Search Path. Hmm.

Recipes for using the library

Here are some posts on using SVGKit, with advice on which methods to use and why:

I get a crash with "unrecognized selector" ?

If you get this error:

"+[NSCharacterSet SVGWhitespaceCharacterSet]: unrecognized selector sent to class "

... you're probably building the Static Library, but forgot to do the step below:

"Edit your build settings and add "Other Linker Flags" = "-ObjC""

Usage - OS X

We need someone to integrate the OS X fork into the main project - please help.

The fork is over here:

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