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geaaru sys-kernel/sabayon-dracut: Add RDEPEND to avoid fault on initrd creation
Package-Manager: Portage-2.3.40, Repoman-2.3.9
Latest commit 19565fd Sep 25, 2018
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app-admin app-admin/enman: Bump to 1.4.0 Aug 31, 2018
app-crypt [app-crypt/pinentry-base] remove useless IUSE items Nov 9, 2017
app-misc [app-misc/calamares-sabayon-base-modules] simplify and unbreak Sep 20, 2018
app-office [app-office/libreoffice-l10n-*] Bump to version Sep 24, 2018
app-text [app-text/poppler*] version bump to 0.62.0-r1, remove -qt4 Feb 21, 2018
dev-lang/python-exec [dev-lang/python-exec] temp fork ebuild to fix Entropy bug (see ebuild) Oct 8, 2017
dev-libs dev-libs/libcec-raspberrypi: Bump Mar 10, 2018
dev-python dev-python/shyaml: Bump v.0.5.2 Sep 3, 2018
dev-util dev-util/pkgs-checker: Bump v.0.3.0 Aug 6, 2018
dev-vcs [dev-vcs/subversion,dev-vcs/subversion-java,www-apache/mod_dav_svn] v… Jul 26, 2018
eclass [eclass] fix dracut hostonly in sabayon-kernel.eclass Sep 20, 2018
gnome-base/gdm [gnome-base/gdm] revision bump to 3.24.3-r1 Aug 21, 2018
gnome-extra/gnome-shell-windowlist Drop $Id$ per council decision in Gentoo-bug #611234. Mar 5, 2017
licenses [x11-libs/xvba-sdk] dependency required by xvba-video (just installs … Aug 10, 2011
lxde-base/lxpanel [lxde-base/lxdm] remove, switching to ::gentoo Aug 21, 2018
media-fonts Drop $Headers$ per council decision in Gentoo-bug #611234. Mar 23, 2017
media-gfx/xsane-gimp media-gfx/splashutils: old, we do not use it and not in repos anymore Jun 25, 2017
media-libs/jackd-firewire media-libs/libvpx: Drop, using version from ::gentoo Jul 18, 2017
media-tv/kodi-raspberrypi media-tv/kodi: remove, we do not need the forked ebuild anymore Jul 18, 2017
metadata [metadata/layout.conf] Mark Gentoo as upstream, enable thin manifests Oct 2, 2012
net-analyzer [net-analyzer/nmap,net-analyzer/zenmap] version bump to 7.70 Apr 18, 2018
net-dns [net-dns/avahi-qt] remove, depends on Qt4 that is being removed Jun 28, 2018
net-irc [net-irc/quassel-client,net-irc/quassel-common] build fixes Jul 26, 2018
net-misc/tightvnc net-misc/hylafax: not in repos anymore May 22, 2017
net-p2p [net-p2p/transmission*] version bump to 2.94 Jul 26, 2018
net-print Drop $Id$ per council decision in Gentoo-bug #611234. Mar 5, 2017
profiles [profile:arm] Force use of >=dev-python/shyaml-0.5.2 Sep 4, 2018
scripts adding travis file and scripts for CI Jul 1, 2016
sets [sets] add intel-kernels-4.18 set Aug 15, 2018
sys-apps sys-apps/baselayout: Drop old Aug 23, 2018
sys-boot [sys-boot/grub] app-crypt/sbsigntool --> app-crypt/sbsigntools Jul 13, 2018
sys-devel sys-devel/gcc: Drop gcj Jul 22, 2018
sys-kernel sys-kernel/sabayon-dracut: Add RDEPEND to avoid fault on initrd creation Sep 25, 2018
sys-libs/efivar [sys-libs/libsepol] drop old libsepol Jul 15, 2017
virtual [virtual/linux-binary*] simplify dependency definition. Sep 22, 2018
www-apache/mod_dav_svn [dev-vcs/subversion,dev-vcs/subversion-java,www-apache/mod_dav_svn] v… Jul 26, 2018
www-apps/gitweb [dev-vcs/git*,www-apps/gitweb] version bump to 2.18.0 Jun 27, 2018
www-client [www-client/firefox-l10n-*] version bump to 62.0-r1 Sep 8, 2018
x11-drivers [x11-drivers/nvidia-drivers] drop to 390.42 Sep 3, 2018
x11-misc [x11-misc/sddm] version bump to 0.18.0 Aug 21, 2018
x11-themes [x11-themes/gnome-colors-common] Use adwaita-icon-theme Aug 14, 2018
x11-wm/awesome [x11-wm/awesome] rename: x11-proto/xcb-proto -> x11-base/xcb-proto Apr 28, 2018
.gitignore Add .gitignore Aug 25, 2018
.travis.yml travis: prepare support for DETECT_OBSOLETE May 21, 2017
README.md Update README.md Jul 18, 2016
sets.conf [sets] fix sets.conf, update repo_name Nov 12, 2011


Build Status Sabayon-distro overlay

This is a Gentoo overlay that contains ebuilds that are Sabayon specific and thus are not upstreamable.

If you are submitting a pull request or committing keep in mind:

  • If the ebuild/fixes you are submitting are already available in layman, the correct place is community-repositories
  • If the ebuild/fixes is generic and can be applied to Gentoo (e.g. optimizations, fixes) the correct place is sabayon overlay

Here goes:

  • ebuilds that are developed for Sabayon
  • ebuilds that are forked from Gentoo and customized for Sabayon, thus not upstreamable


This overlay is available in layman:

layman -a sabayon-distro