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DvdBoon Implemented a pseudo LockTaskList() to fool programs like
WarpStat, stats, showtasks etc. This is to prevent crashes.
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This project is a reimplementation of WarpOS for AmigaOS 4 (work in progress). It's aim is to support all the current flavors of machines running AmigaOS 4 including the X5000. At this moment 95% of all WarpOS functions are implemented.

Note about Warp3D

A new implementation of Warp3DPPC can be found at https://github.com/Sakura-IT/ReWarp3DPPC . If it fails, try first with Wazp3D from Alain Thellier to confirm it is not ReWarp which is causing the problem. Alain Thellier's PatchWarp3D also fixes a lot of lockups and artifacts with Voodoo and Radeon R200. Both can be found on Aminet.


See the wiki for build procedure description: https://github.com/Sakura-IT/ReWarp/wiki

Automated binary builds are available from Jenkins: https://sonnet.uguu.waw.pl/jenkins/job/ReWarp/ .