A list of wireless cards tested with the dual-card injection test and in the field
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aircrack-db is a list of wireless cards tested with the dual-card injection test and in the field.

The driver name is the name of the kernel module used by the card.

The driver version is:

All of the kernel provided drivers are mac80211 drivers. Some vendor supplied drivers may use the legacy ieee80211 stack.

Aircrack-ng's wiki page about injection testing states:

If you get a failure on attack 5, it may still work in the field if the injection MAC address matches the current card MAC address. With some drivers, it will fail if they are not the same.

If the wireless interface proves to work in my lab for the fragmentation attack, then it is going to be mentioned in a separate column. I use Kali Linux (up to date for each new test) and Aircrack-ng (trunk build) for gatherting most of this information. Otherwise, it is specified as a note.

Due to the fact that GitHub uses "toiler paper design", hence I can't fit a table without having a horizontal scroll, even on a FullHD screen, the information about the hardware is here.

The contributions to this project are accepted. Just send a pull request / patch for db.json. This is the file that contains the details about the hardware.