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Library does not read CDATA sections #13

irnc opened this Issue Oct 15, 2012 · 5 comments

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irnc commented Oct 15, 2012

For example from string <phrase section="default" code="widgethome"><![CDATA[Home]]></phrase> only attributes are read, resulting object does not have '#' property.


The library usually handled root elements that have child nodes. The CDATA was only implemented for the child nodes. I'll make a patch.

irnc commented Oct 18, 2012

Actually when I tested, it does not worked even on child nodes. XML string was as follows (with XML declaration included):

<phrase section="default" code="widgethome"><![CDATA[Home]]></phrase>

Doesn't work when the child nodes have attributes. There's an unit test that has a CDATA element from a WordPress feed. Thank you for your feedback. I'll keep you posted.


i am not quite sure that works for you, but it does solve the problem for me :

if (children[i].name() == 'text' && children[i].type() == 'text') {
jsobj['#'] = children[i].text().trim();
if (jsobj['#'].match(/^\s*$/)) {
for (var j = 0, chtlen = children[i].childNodes().length; j < chtlen; j++) {
if (children[i].child(j).name() == 'text') {
var text = {}, textattrs = children[i].child(j).attrs();
text['#'] = children[i].child(j).text();
if (textattrs.length > 0) {
text['@'] = {};

                for (var k = 0, atlen = textattrs.length; k < atlen; i++) {
                    text['@'][textattrs[k].name()] = textattrs[k].value();
                jsobj['text'] = text;
                break; // only allow one "<text></text>" element for now
    }else if(children[i].type()=='cdata')

//added :
var val = children[i].toString().trim();
val = val.replace(/^<![CDATA[/, '').replace(/]]>$/, '');


Thanks. I'll have a look and write some tests after dealing with a couple of other libraries. I am well aware that the algorithm isn't quite straight forward. It took me a while till I understood what Brian White did.

I totally forgot about this issue as it didn't fit then in my schedule. Sorry about that. Remembered about it yesterday when I started to rewrite some of my test suites and integrate my stuff with Travis CI.

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