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define('CYNO_CLOAK_MOD_VERSION', '0.9');
$modInfo['cynoCloakMod']['name'] = "Cyno/Cloak Mod v".CYNO_CLOAK_MOD_VERSION;
$modInfo['cynoCloakMod']['abstract'] = "shows whether ships had Cynos/Cloaks/Entosis Links fitted on the front page";
$modInfo['cynoCloakMod']['about'] = "Tyr, enhanced for Entosis Links by Salvoxia";
event::register('home_assembling', 'cynoCloakMod::init');
// register for the get_tpl event in order to replace the default killlisttable template with the mod's own
event::register("get_tpl", "cynoCloakMod::getModifiedTemplate");
class cynoCloakMod {
public static function init(&$home) {
// Load the css
$home->addBehind("start", "cynoCloakMod::loadCSS");
// Add the request functions to the front page
$home->addBehind("start", "cynoCloakMod::load");
public static function loadCSS($home)
$home->page->addHeader("\t<link rel=\"stylesheet\" type=\"text/css\" href=\"".config::get('cfg_kbhost')."/mods/cynoCloakMod/cynoCloakMod.css\" />");
public static function load()
return "\t<!--cyno/cloak mod loaded-->";
* Is a callback for the get_tpl event.
* Returns the mod's modified template whenever the killlisttable template
* is requested
* @param string $templateName
public static function getModifiedTemplate(&$templateName)
if($templateName == 'killlisttable')
$templateName = getcwd() . "/mods/cynoCloakMod/templates/killlisttable.tpl";