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#! /usr/bin/perl
use strict;
use warnings;
use File::Temp qw/tempfile/;
use File::Copy;
use Fcntl qw/:flock SEEK_SET/;
use IO::Handle;
# Given a file and a prefix, locks file, copies it out elsewhere, applies
# all lines from the prefix file, then reappends lines originally present
# in the file.
my ($prefix, $target) = @ARGV;
die "Usage: $0 <prefix> <target>; read source, this is not a toy\n"
unless $prefix && $target;
# Both files should exist
die "Prefix file $prefix does not exist or is not readable\n" unless -r $prefix;
die "Target file $target does not exist or is not read/writable\n"
unless -r $target && -w $target;
# Prefix file should be in the current directory.
die "Prefix filename contains /. Please read the source!\n" if $prefix =~ m{/};
die "Target filename does not contain /. Please read the source!\n"
if $target !~ m{/};
# Do the names sound reasonable?
if (($prefix =~ /logfile/) != ($target =~ /logfile/)
|| ($prefix =~ /milestone/) != ($target =~ /milestone/))
die "$prefix and $target look like different kinds of files. Do you know what you're doing?\n";
print "Ok, I'm going to do the equivalent of cat $prefix $target > $target.\n";
print "Is this what you want? READ CAREFULLY and enter 'yes' to continue.\n\n";
print "You REALLY want to back up $target before you say 'yes': ";
chomp(my $ack = <STDIN>);
die "User aborted\n" unless $ack eq 'yes';
print "\n\nSo be it.\n";
prefix_logfile($prefix, $target);
sub count_lines {
my $file = shift;
chomp(my $lines = qx/wc -l $file/);
my ($count) = (split ' ', $lines)[0];
die "Bad line count: $count in $lines\n" unless $count =~ /^[0-9]+$/;
return $count;
sub copy_lines_from_to {
my ($src, $dst) = @_;
while (<$src>) {
print $dst $_;
sub prefix_logfile {
my ($prefix, $target) = @_;
open my $targh, '+<', $target or die "Can't open $target read/write\n";
open my $prefh, '<', $prefix or die "Can't read $prefix: $!\n";
flock $targh, LOCK_EX or die "Could not lock $target\n";
# Gather useful statistics to sanity-check results
my $prefix_size = -s $prefix;
my $target_size = -s $target;
my $prefix_lines = count_lines($prefix);
my $target_lines = count_lines($target);
my ($fh, $temp_filename) = tempfile();
close $fh;
copy($target, $temp_filename) or die "Couldn't back up $target to temp file $temp_filename: $!\n";
# Paranoia - are the temp file and target the same size?
if ($target_size != -s($temp_filename)) {
die ("Copied $target to $temp_filename but original file size $target_size "
. "changed to " . (-s $temp_filename) . "\n");
my $copy_lines = count_lines($temp_filename);
die "Copied $target to $temp_filename but original line count $target_lines changed to $copy_lines\n" if $copy_lines != $target_lines;
# Looking good! TRUNCATE.
print "Truncating $target. I hope you had a backup if this goes wrong. :P\n";
truncate($targh, 0);
seek($targh, 0, SEEK_SET);
# Ok, read lines from $prefix into $target
copy_lines_from_to($prefh, $targh);
# Snazzy. Now copy the original contents of target back on top.
open my $temph, '<', $temp_filename or die "Can't re-read $temp_filename: $!\n";
copy_lines_from_to($temph, $targh);
# Aaawesome. Flush and sync to disk now.
# Sanity-checks redux. New file size should be equal to the sum of
# the old sizes.
my $new_size = -s $target;
if ($new_size != $prefix_size + $target_size) {
die ("New size of $new_size is not the expected "
. "$prefix_size + $target_size (" . ($prefix_size + $target_size)
. ")");
# And we want the line counts to add up too!
my $new_linecount = count_lines($target);
my $expected_linecount = $prefix_lines + $target_lines;
if ($new_linecount != $expected_linecount) {
die ("New line count $new_linecount is not what I expected: " .
"$expected_linecount ($prefix_lines + $target_lines)\n");
# We seem to have satisfied all checks, yowza.
close $targh;
close $prefh;
close $temph;
print "\n\nEverything seems to have gone ok!\n";