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@@ -120,7 +120,6 @@ end
* pre_authorize_cb - A lambda callback you can set to determine whether or not mini_profiler should be visible on a given request. Default in a Rails environment is only on in development mode. If in a Rack app, the default is always on.
* position - Can either be 'right' or 'left'. Default is 'left'.
* skip_schema_queries - Whether or not you want to log the queries about the schema of your tables. Default is 'false', 'true' in rails development.
-* use_existing_jquery - Use the version of jQuery on the page as opposed to the self contained one
* auto_inject (default true) - when false the miniprofiler script is not injected in the page
* backtrace_filter - a regex you can use to filter out unwanted lines from the backtraces

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