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Graphite + Carbon + Statsd + Grafana

An all-in-one image running graphite and carbon-cache.

This image contains a sensible default configuration of graphite, carbon-cache and grafana. Starting this container will expose following ports:

  • 80: the graphite web interface
  • 3000: the grafana web interface
  • 2003: the carbon-cache line receiver (the standard graphite protocol)
  • 2004: the carbon-cache pickle receiver
  • 7002: the carbon-cache query port (used by the web interface)
  • 8125: the statsd UDP port
  • 8126: the statsd management port

You can log into the administrative interface of graphite-web (a Django application) with the username admin and password admin. These passwords can be changed through the web interface.

NB: Please be aware that by default docker will make the exposed ports accessible from anywhere if the host firewall is unconfigured.

Data volumes

All data is stored in the /data folder in the container (graphite metrics and grafana db)

docker run -v /data/graphite:/data \
           -e SECRET_KEY='random-secret-key' \
           -p 80:80 \
           -p 3000:3000 \
           -p 2003:2003 \
           -p 2004:2004 \
           -p 7002:7002 \
           -p 8125:8125/udp \
           -p 8126:8126 \
           -d samsaffron/graphite

Technical details

By default, this instance of carbon-cache uses the following retention periods resulting in whisper files of approximately 2.5MiB.


ENV vars

Use STATSD_IPV6=1 to boot statsd with IPv6 support, by default it only binds to IPv4

Getting started

Generate your SECRET_KEY from here. It is optional but highly recommended.

Based off

Extended by Sam Saffron