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A widget that displays shareable quotes along with OutLoud Radio's Soundcloud podcast files.
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Queer Quote presentation.pptx

##Queer-Quote Created for outLoud Radio. An interactive widget that syncs the audio from a podcast with the text from a transcript. At any point during playback, the current text or quote can be converted into an image, with customizable colors, and then shared to facebook.

Not only does this make the audio more accessible, but our hope is that it will drive user engagement and make ouLoud Radio more visible on social media.

Demo it here


  • SoundCloud
  • Popcorn.js
  • A custom .srt to json transcript file converter
  • Canvas2Image.js
  • JSColor.js
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

####Development: In development, run a local server, for instance:

python -m SimpleHTTPServer
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