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This repo is deprecated

Please check out official gem for Redactor 2.

Rails 3.2 Integration for Redactor (Devise Edition)

The redactor-rails gem integrates the Redactor editor with the Rails 3.2 asset pipeline.

This gem bundles Redactor version 10.0.4 which is the most recent version as of January 9, 2015. Check Redactor's changelog for further updates.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'redactor-rails'

And then execute:

$ bundle install

Or install it yourself as:

$ gem install redactor-rails

Now generate models for store uploading files

ActiveRecord + carrierwave

gem "carrierwave"
gem "mini_magick"

$ rails generate redactor:install


$ rails generate redactor:install --devise

# --devise option generate user_id attribute for asset(Picture, Document) models. For more details show Devise gem.
# Now, Pictures and Documents uploading available only for signed in users
# All uploaded files will stored with current user_id
# User will choose only own uploaded Pictures and Documents

$ rake db:migrate

Mongoid + carrierwave

gem "carrierwave"
gem "carrierwave-mongoid", :require => "carrierwave/mongoid"
gem "mini_magick"

$ rails generate redactor:install

Include the Redactor assets

Add to your application.js:

  //= require redactor-rails

Add to your application.css:

  *= require redactor-rails

Initialize Redactor

For each textarea that you want to use with Redactor, add the "redactor" class and ensure it has a unique ID:

<%= text_area_tag :editor, "", :class => "redactor", :rows => 40, :cols => 120 %>

Custom Your redactor

If you need change some config in redactor, you can

$ rails generate redactor:config

Then generate app\assets\redactor-rails\config.js.

See the Redactor Documentation for a full list of configuration options.

If You Want To setup a new language in Redactor you should do two things:

In you file app\assets\redactor-rails\config.js set option



if redactor-rails gem version <= 0.3.7

Add to your layout

<%= redactor_lang('zh_tw') %>

elsif redactor-rails gem version >= 0.4

Add to your application.js:

//= require redactor-rails/langs/zh_tw

Setting a max image size with carrierwave

If you want to set a maximum image size used when a user uploads an image via carrierwave, open the uploader file and add add the following:

# app/uploaders/redactor_rails_picture_uploader.rb:33

process :resize_to_limit => [500, -1]

The above example will set the image to have a maximum width of 500px.

Using plugins

This gem comes bundled with several Redactor plugins:

  • Fullscreen
  • Clips
  • FontColor
  • FontSize
  • FontFamily
  • Text direction

Full details of these can be found at Redactor Plugins

To include all the plugins just add to your application.js:

    //= require redactor-rails/plugins

and add to your application.css:

    *= redactor-rails/plugins

If you would prefer to pick and choose which plugins to include you can add for example:

  //= require redactor-rails/plugins/fontsize
  //= require redactor-rails/plugins/fontfamily

After including the desired plugins they can be configured in the redactor config file as normal.

To add it into the editor just add 'plugins' attributes to config.js file and specify which ones do you want to use:

    { "plugins": ['fontsize',

Defining a Devise User Model

By default redactor-rails uses the User model.

You may use a different model by:

  1. Run a migration to update the user_id column in the

  2. Overriding the user class in an initializer.

  3. Overriding the authentication helpers in your controller.

    Create a new Migration: rails g rename_user_id_to_new_user_id

    # db/migrate/...rename_user_id_to_new_user_id.rb
    class RenameUserIdToNewUserId < ActiveRecord::Migration
      def up
        rename_column :redactor_assets, :user_id, :admin_user_id
      def down
        rename_column :redactor_assets, :admin_user_id, :user_id
    # config/initializers/redactor.rb
    # Overrides the user class
    module RedactorRails
      def self.devise_user
        %s(admin_user) # name of your user class
      # You may override this to support legacy schema.
      # def self.devise_user_key
      #   "#{self.devise_user.to_s}_id".to_sym
      # end
    # app/controllers/application_controller.rb
    class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
      def redactor_authenticate_user!
        authenticate_admin_user! # devise before_filter
      def redactor_current_user
        current_admin_user # devise user helper


  1. Fork it
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Added some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request


Sebastian Wilgosz

Special Thanks

wildjcrt (Jerry Lee)


redactor-rails part of reference galetahub/ckeditor project.

redactor-rails uses MIT-LICENSE. Rock!!!!!


the redactor-rails project is MIT-LICENSE.

You may use Redactor for non-commercial websites for free, however, we do not guarantee any technical support.

Redactor has 3 different licenses for commercial use. For details please see License Agreement.


This repo is deprecated. Please check out official gem for Redactor 2.







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