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Full EarthCoin node with API based on bitpay/bitcore


Install & run:

git clone 
cd EarthCoin-API &

Upgrade from an older pre-release version

If an erlier version of this code was run on your machine, the old database data have to be deleted manually by commands:

use dbEarthCoin


Some parameters, such as port number or preffered network nodes can be set in the file 'config.json'

API interface:


This code is under development, some functions are not implemented, yet.

What does work?

  • Sync from a network. Legacy EarthCoin daemon is not required. Under test conditions the node got full sync from a scratch within a hour.
  • API can show any block on hash or index query.
  • API can show any transaction and address balance.
  • API function for unspent balance (UTXO). Addresses with more that CONFIG.dbLimit are not shown because of complexity of the calculation (may take up to 30 seconds).
  • API function 'txbyaddr' on demand of a dev-team member.
  • Block Explorer - simple HTML version without graphics and client-side scripts

To do list:

  • Configuration is hardcoded in the javascript for now. Need to be moved to a .json file to easier setup.
  • Detection of forks/orphans blocks - it is still buggy, from time to time lost the sync
  • Indexing of transactions and API functions for read transactions info.
  • ~~~Block explorer frontend based on the API.~~~
  • Implement functions for both-way comunication. For now the node not answer to other nodes queries.
  • Automatic selection of the best node for data download, eg. based on a ping delay.
  • Optimization of the code for multi-node queries, now the code select one network node to request all block data.
  • Standardize modular design of the code, add NPM installer.
  • Split API and SYNC into two independend proccesses. Some API calls can break the sync.
  • A better design of transaction indexing --> speed-up calculation of a big wallet balance.
  • A request for balance of an address with a huge number of transactions can cause DoS. Only small wallets will be enabled without API key.
  • A database structure for a quick calculation of unspent balance for mining addresses (about 10-50k coinbase transactions) ???
  • ~~API documentation