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SOURCES = $(shell find ./lib -name '*.js')
TESTS = $(shell find ./test -name '*.js')
all: dependencies
@touch stamp-dependencies;
@git submodule update --init
dependencies: stamp-dependencies
@touch stamp-devdependencies;
@touch stamp-dependencies;
@npm install --dev
devdependencies: stamp-devdependencies
test: devdependencies
@./node_modules/.bin/nodeunit ./test/test-*.js
lint: devdependencies
@./node_modules/.bin/nodelint --config ./nodelint.cfg $(SOURCES) $(TESTS)
./doc/index.html: ./README.markdown devdependencies
./node_modules/.bin/dox \
--title "Node-UBJSON" \
--desc "[ChangeLog](./changelog.html), [Wiki](" \
--ribbon "" \
--ignore-filenames \
./README.markdown \
> ./doc/index.html
./doc/changelog.html: ./CHANGELOG.markdown devdependencies
./node_modules/.bin/dox \
--title "Node-UBJSON" \
--desc "[Home](./index.html), [Wiki](" \
--ribbon "" \
--ignore-filenames \
./CHANGELOG.markdown \
> ./doc/changelog.html
docs: ./doc/index.html ./doc/changelog.html
pages: docs
@echo "Update gh-pages branch:"
.PHONY: all test lint docs pages
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