Notebooks of papers from the SantanderMetGroup
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Santander MetGroup Paper Notebooks

There is a growing concern among the scientific community about the lack of reproducibility of many research outcomes (see for instance the dedicated Nature Special Issue). In the specific case of Earth and Environment Science, a majority of papers were mostly (over two-thirds) not reproducible (Baker, 2016).

With this regard, the main objective of this repository is to maintain a number of notebooks reproducing the analyses and figures presented in several journal papers by the Santander Meteorology Group, with an special emphasis in those describing or exploiting the functionalities of the climate4R framework. The purpose of these notebooks is twofold:

  1. To ease research reproducibility and scrutiny by the scientific community
  2. To aid users in the application of the climate4R tools and related software though the provision of worked examples representing real research problems.

An overview of the notebooks so far included and the corresponding published articles is next provided:

notebook Journal Article Title DOI
2018_visualizeR_EMS An R package to visualize and communicate uncertainty in seasonal climate prediction
2018_ECOMS-UDG_ClimateServices The ECOMS User Data Gateway: Towards seasonal forecast data provision and research reproducibility in the era of Climate Services
2018_fireDanger_ClimateServices Seasonal predictions of Fire Weather Index: Paving the way for their operational applicability in Mediterranean Europe
2018_climate4R_example The R-based climate4R open framework for reproducible climate data access and post-processing
2018_drought4R_NCOMMS Exacerbated fires in Mediterranean Europe due to anthropogenic warming projected with non-stationary climate-fire models
2018_metaclip_EMS* METACLIP: A semantic provenance framework for climate products submitted

NOTE: The climate4R packages are being actively developed. Thus, the notebooks often indicate the installation of the package versions that were used at the moment of compiling them. Alternatively, there is usually a Session Information section at the end of each notebook with details on the package versions used to compile. As a result, example code may fail if run with different versions. If you experience problems while running some of the examples, please ensure that you are using the appropriate package versions. If the problem persists, just let us know by dropping a ticket in the Issues section of this repo. Thank you!