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A Liquid filter to transform text emoticons to smiley images.
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smilify is a Liquid filter to transform text emoticons into smileys. It can be easily plugged in to your existing Jekyll powered content to bring all your text emoticons to life.
Take a look at my blog:, powered by smilify
You can also read my post about it.

Using smilify

To use smilify in your existing Jekyll powered website,

  1. Copy required files
  1. Choose a smiley theme
  • smilify comes with 3 smiley packs, assembled from various sources.
    To use a particula smiley pack in your website, you just have to add one line to your _config.yml:

        smileytheme: MSN        # Use the MSN smiley theme
  1. Apply the filter in your Liquid templates
  • For smilify to detect and smilify your text emoticons, your content must be passed through the smilify filter.
    How and where you apply the filter would depend on thw way you have organised your Liquid template, but for most people, changing _post.html and _page.html in the _layouts folder should just work.

    If you have something like {{ content }} somewhere in your layout, just pipe it through smilify, like: {{ content | smilify }}

Custom smiley packs

Please refer to Smiley-Packs wiki page.


Copyright © 2012 Saswat Padhi under MIT License
[Please Refer included LICENSE file for more information]

smiley images are owned by their respective creators.

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