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OpenAccess_EPUB is a program for converting OpenAccess Academic Journal articles into the ePub format.

Documentation for the project is hosted on Read the Docs

Getting Started

You can install OpenAccess_EPUB from the source at the project page.

or you can install with pip.

pip install openaccess_epub

OpenAccess_EPUB is only compatible with Python3, so make sure that you install it with the correct version if you have more than one Python version.

Additional requirements are docopt and lxml, which pip will attempt to install for you.

Once you've successfully installed OpenAccess_EPUB and its dependencies, access the interface using


This can be followed by various subcommands and help regarding the usage can be retrieved by

oaepub -h

oaepub convert -h


Use the oaepub configure command to set up some local OpenAccess_EPUB configuration interactively before converting articles to EPUB.

How to Contribute

If you would like to contribute to the project, there are many ways to do so. If you know Python and would like to assist in development, contact me and we can discuss how you may help. Feedback regarding bugs, presentation, formatting, and accessibility are all quite valuable.


Paul Barton (SavinaRoja)