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Allows the user to change the keyboard backlight using hidapi

This project is based on bparker06's work but aim to fix the animated modes. Moreover, the keyboard is able to do more than what MSI KLM allows you to do which is why the project will allow you to fully control your keyboard's backlight.


  • hidapi.h available on Arch AUR or on Github


msi-keyboard [-m normal|gaming|breath|audio|wave|dual] [-r (left|middle|right)] [-c (none|red|orange|yellow|green|sky|blue|purple|white)] [-i (high|medium|low|light)] [-c2 (none|red|orange|yellow|green|sky|blue|purple|white)] [-i2 (high|medium|low|light)] [--full]
  • -m: keyboard mode
  • -r: keyboard region on which the color is going to be applied (see also --full)
  • -c: backlight's new color
  • -i: backlight's intensity
  • -c2: backlight's secondary color for breath and wave mode
  • -i2: backlight's secondary intensity for breath and wave mode
  • --full: apply the change on the whole keyboard. -r will be ignored

Usage example

./msi-keyboard -m normal -c green --full
./msi-keyboard -m dual -c red -c2 blue -i2 low

Unknown argument are ignorer, unknown value is set to the default one. The following command does the same as the first one.

./msi-keyboard -m iDoNotExist -c green --full

Run as non-root user

If you want to run the software as a non-root user, you can add the udev rules file to your /etc/udev/rules.d/ directory.


The audio mode does not work on linux at the moment.


Fixed: Delay on the wave is wrong, this may comme from the delay.

Fixed: Wrong secondary color on wave mode

Unknown packets

01 02 22 14 00 00 00 00: Usually sent when switching to audio mode


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