Ruby library for Scaledrone Realtime Messaging Service
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Scaledrone Ruby API

Official ScaleDrone Ruby pushing library. This is a wrapper around the REST API.


Add this line to your application's Gemfile:

gem 'scaledrone'

And then execute:

bundle install

Or install it directly:

gem install 'scaledrone'


Create a new instance of ScaleDrone passing it the channelId and secretKey that you can find from the channel's page

require 'scaledrone'

sd ={
  channel_id: 'G3TYvCzoXtrIuEtQ',
  secret_key: 'M7Oc1DY2FgkCaUh4aQFC3TRV1R3RThPd'

Publishing a message

Please notice that in 1.0.0 the function header changed, when upgrading from 0.X.X you need to switch message and room order.

room = 'notifications'
message = {foo: 'bar'}
response = sd.publish(message, room)

Publishing the same message to multiple rooms

rooms = ['notifications', 'lounge']
message = {foo: 'bar'}
response = sd.publish(message, *rooms)

Channel stats

response = sd.channel_stats()

Connected users list

response = sd.users_list()