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NEM based Commercialized AR Blockchain

Scanetchain is The First AR Dapp based on NEM platform Developed for Blockchain Commercialization.

Using AR technology, Scanetchain digitally identifies all products, brands, and images around us both online and offline. By assigning a scannable marker to each object, users can scan items of physical objects with their smartphone camera without additional equipment or requirements and instantly access the paired Blockchain-based online platform.

AR contents are provided to the users using data streaming methods based on the cloud server. It is a technology that offers content streaming from the AR App like YouTube. AR Streaming allows fast processing itself. Also, it utilizes the AR camera module which is developed to work with AR streamed data. This Technology enables quicker and more precise AR scan of markers and allows recognition of 3D objects as well as specific images.

Scanetchain is a Hybrid-blockchain composed of On-chain and Off-chain.
As a blockchain designed for commercialization, It sustains both advantages of the blockchain and existing systems.

Token Information

'Scanetchain' issues its own ETHEREUM (ERC-20) SWC token.
The SWC token is a cryptographic currency, a medium in the internal ecosystem of Scanetchain.
Users are allowed to receive additional compensation based on the Proof-Of-Activity algorithm under which they can receive from the social network, advertising, eCommerce and also content distribution integrating AR technology. The system leads to circulation of the SWC and vitalization of the ecosystem by rewarding users for their daily activities and providing a platform to utilize SWC for their daily requirements.

1. Scanetchain Token

  • Symbol: Scanet World Coin (SWC)
  • Total Issuance: 1,000,000,000 SWC
  • Token Sales: 600,000,000 SWC (60% of Total Issuance)
  • Hard Cap: 600,000,000 SWC
  • Soft Cap: 40,000,000 SWC

2. Token Allocation

  • 60% Fundraise
    • Public Token Sale
  • 10% Foundation
    • Business costs (infrastructure, labor, software, accounting, legal)
    • Market research, operating expenses, employee training
  • 5% Marketing
    • Production of commerical, Marketing Contents, the operation of the homepage also, social network, press media promotion, Advertisements
  • 15% Members & Advisors
    • Developers, managers, staff, advisory committees, incentives, and more. ->Lock-up for 1 year
  • 10% Reserve
    • Retention for the ecosystem

3. Funds Allocation

  • Foundation, Expansion of global business 20%

    • Advertising and social networking services are available without borders, The commerce shopping division is planning to collaborate with local top shopping mall partners in each country and expand by launching branch offices. After the establishment of branch offices, we will start advertisement business and social network local marketing business in each country.
  • AR content Development 20%

    • As an AR blockchain, we will release advertising and shopping services that sync online and offline based on user social network. We will develop AR contents to meet the needs of users and achieve broad user base. A platform that owns self-developed content can expand and scale more broadly
  • Marketing 15%

    • Marketing is essential to expand the platform by attracting users continuously. Advertisers and sellers also need to have more users to get more needs into the platform Continuous press media marketing is essential for linking with other platforms and boosting brand experience.
  • Development (Platform, AR Module, etc.) 40%

    • Instead of downloading like existing AR businesses, we will develop a streaming server that serves streaming like YouTube. With the development of advanced AR camera module, to service 2D image marking as well as 3D object and surface recognition consistent development is required. Research and development of custom APIs for the expansion of hybrid blockchain to create a platform that enables seamless scaling
  • Advisory Committee (Act, Management) 5%

    • Advisory committees on law and operations to ensure a safe and fluent global platform operation.

Links to Scanetchain Communities


Scanetchain develops the first commercialized AR dApp based on NEM Platform.



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