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Action Prediction from Speech Build Status Codacy Badge

Repository organization


  • archive/: script related to older experiments (eventually move into directories for each of them)
  • controller*: controllers
    • current controller using the combined model
  • data/*: scripts specific to data manipulation and preprocessing (consider splitting into subdirectories for each data set)
  • evaluate*: model off-line evaluation
  • train*: model training


A directory to store manually pre-processed data.

Main modules

  • bag_parsing: helpers to extract data from rosbags
  • combined_mode
  • data: helpers specific to the structure of data of the training user experiment
  • defaults: paths to default data and model directory. This is to avoid hard-coded paths and a command line argument should always be preferred. Ideally only use for resources that need to be committed to the repository.
  • features: helpers to extract speech and context features
  • models