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Extension for Visual Studio Code: File system provider using SSH
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This extension makes use of the new FileSystemProvider, added in version 1.23.0 of Visual Studio Code. It allows "mounting" a remote folder over SSH as a local Workspace folder.


  • Use a remote directory (over SSH) as workspace folder
  • A built-in UI to add, edit and remove configurations
  • Use agents, including Pageant and OpenSSH on Windows
  • Use private keys (any supported by ssh2-streams, including PuTTY's PPK)
  • Get prompted for a password/passphrase (plain text password aren't required)
  • Easily create configurations that reference a PuTTY session/configuration
  • Have multiple SSH (and regular) workspace folders at once
  • Make use of SOCKS 4/5 and HTTP proxies and connection hopping


Use the command SSH FS: Create a SSH FS configuration, or open the Settings UI using the SSH FS: Open settings and edit configurations and click Add:

Create a new configuration

In this UI, you can also edit/delete existing configurations:

Config Editor

To connect, either rightclick the name in the Explorer tab, or use the command panel:


This will add a Workspace folder linked to a SSH (SFTP) session:

Workspace folder added

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