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Units of measure as defined by the Climate and Forecast (CF) Metadata Conventions.

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Table of Contents


Units of measure as required by the Climate and Forecast (CF) metadata conventions.

Provision of a wrapper class to support Unidata/UCAR UDUNITS-2 library, and the cftime calendar functionality.

Documentation can be found at


>>> from cf_units import Unit
>>> km = Unit('kilometers')
>>> m = Unit('meters')
>>> m.convert(1500, km)

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Credits, Copyright and License

cf-units is developed collaboratively under the SciTools umbrella.

A full list of code contributors ("cf-units contributors") can be found at

Code is just one of many ways of positively contributing to cf-units, please see our contributing guide for more details on how you can get involved.

cf-units is released under a BSD-3 license. See LICENSE for full terms.

The Met Office has made a significant contribution to the development, maintenance and support of this library. All Met Office contributions are copyright on behalf of the British Crown.