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Marksman - A Windows agent for Snipe-IT


  1. Download and install the latest .msi installer from the releases tab.
  2. By default, the program will be installed in Program Files (x86)/Scope-IT/Marksman. Edit the Marksman.exe.config file to include your API key and BaseURI from the default values to the ones given by your Snipe-IT instance.
  3. Set the Company and Location parameters in Marksman.exe.config, then run the .exe.


  • The agent creates an asset and fills out the fields:
    • Asset name (currently machine hostname, unless agent is run in interactive mode)
    • Asset id (Asset tag prefix + serial number)
    • Location (from a config file or the Organizational Unit)
    • Warranty (from config file)
    • Status label (from config file)
    • Mac address
    • Make, model of the machine (as reported to Windows)
  • Ensures that the assets created is unique
  • New locations, makes, models are created as needed

Getting started

You will need a working Snipe-IT database with API access and an API key. We recommend creating a separate user for the agent with minimal (read + add) permissions.

You can run it via a GPO or Scheduled task (recommended way is to run the agent once on boot with a delay of 1+ minute)

Developer Guide

If you want to not only use Marksman.exe, but edit the sources and build the project, here are some steps for getting started. Marksman has a dependency on our specific fork of SnipeSharp, so you will need to build it as well.

  1. Create a development folder. Inside this folder, clone the following repos:
  2. Open the SnipeSharp project .sln, and build the solution.
  3. Open the marksman project. Check the 'references' under the marksman project, and see if SnipeSharp has been added automatically. Make sure that the path of the SnipeSharp reference points to the repository you just built. If a reference does not exist, you may need to add it manually.
  4. Build the marksman project. It should build correctly - if there are any errors at this stage please file a bug report.
  5. You can now proceed to edit the config file so that your API key and BaseURI correspond to your Snipe-IT instance. Once the config file is set, the program can be run.

Bug Reports & Feature Requests

We welcome community participation in this project. Please submit an issue or pull request to participate in the development.


This project is licensed under the Apache 2.0 License

Planned features

  • Component lookup (automatic tracking of connected hard drives, CPU, GPU, etc.)
  • Automatic update feature (tracking of computer name and other property changes)
  • Additional query types for location
  • Warranty lookup APIs
  • Cross-platform (Windows/MacOS/Linux) agent using Mono