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Scorpions Robotics

FRC Team 7672 Scorpions Robotics

Welcome to Scorpions Robotics!

We are a robotics team building cool stuff, such as motor control and vision processing systems for autonomous & teleoperated robots!

Take a look at our repos,

...and don't forget to follow us on @scorpions7672 !!! :)


  1. Robot-2023 Robot-2023 Public archive

    The code of 2023 Bosphorus Regional

    Java 4 1

  2. vision-2023 vision-2023 Public archive

    Python 3

  3. ml-2023 ml-2023 Public archive

    ML training notebook for the 2023 FRC Season

    Jupyter Notebook 1

  4. python-docs-tr python-docs-tr Public

    Forked from python/python-docs-tr

    Turkish Translation of the Python Documentation



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