Financial management SPA app created using ASP.NET Core, knockout.js and Typescript
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Financial App

Financial management progressive web application meant for households created using ASP.NET Core, Knockout.js and Entity Framework. Installable as a web app on mobile devices.

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Licensed: GNU GPL v3.0


  • Manage your financial data on month-by-month basis;
  • Split your financial data in different categories;
  • Prediction of monthly balance;
  • Monthly digest via e-mail;
  • Follows security best practices, includes two-factor authentication;
  • Statistics and analysis;
  • Responsive: Works very well on both computer, tablet and mobile phone.

Browser Support

Developed and tested on:

  • Internet Explorer 11
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari (iOS)

Download and installation

Download a release from the releases tab and follow the installation instructions in the documentation.

Cutting-edge builds

Current-edge builds are available from AppVeyor:

Building Financial App from sources

If you prefer to build the application yourself, please follow the compilation instructions in the documentation.


You can report bugs and improvements on this project. In case of any crashes, please submit the application logs in a Github Gist.






Archive (mobile)

Archive (mobile)

Report - general report



Contributions are allowed and encouraged. Please submit an issue to communicate in advance to prevent disappointments.


Built on:

Built with:

  • Typescript for statically typed scripting;
  • Webpack for bundling and asset management.

Application icon:

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