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Chamfered primitives for OpenSCAD

A library to create primitives with 45° chamfers in OpenSCAD.

What it does

The commands chamferCube and chamferCylinder can be used to create chamfered versions of the existing cube and cylinder commands.

The Chamfers are always at a 45° angle to the ground plane and are printable on Fused deposition modelling (FDM) printers in a good quality.

Demo of possiblities with chamfers


  • The chamferCylinder can also produce a circular sector (wedge), what the cylinder command cannot
  • The circleSegments function calculates the amount of segments needed for a certain circle radius, it reproduces a much better quality than $fa and $fs settings
  • A globalCircleQuality variable can be set to globally override the standard setting of 1.0, but the quality setting in chamferCylinder stil has precedence over this variable

Changelog v0.3:

  • Added a global override for the standard circle quality

Changelog v0.2:

  • Added new circle quality feature (segment calculator) which introduces an incompatibility with v0.1
  • Prevented cylinders with height 0 from being created when setting chamferHeight to 0


  • Download the library
  • Unpack it to OpenSCAD\libraries
  • Restart OpenSCAD


  • Open your console
  • Go to OpenSCAD\libraries
  • Run git clone
  • Restart OpenSCAD


Don't forget to import the library to your script by adding this to the first line:

include <Chamfers-for-OpenSCAD/Chamfer.scad>;

Please read the documentation in Demo.scad to see how to use it.