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Tool for visualising and debugging the Neos CMS content repository
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Neos CMS Content Repository visualizer / debugger

This package allows to output the nodetypes of your Neos CMS project as various types of graphs. You can get a visual graph in the backend of Neos or as image file via CLI. Also you can get the graph as GraphML or GraphViz file via CLI.


It is recommended to install this package only as development dependency and not to run it in production except specifically required.

composer require --dev shel/contentrepository-debugger

Additionally you will have to install the graphviz library on your system to make everything work.

On a Mac with homebrew this would work like this:

brew install graphviz

Feel free to create a PR for this readme to add installation instructions for other platforms.


Backend module

You will have an additional backend module NodeType Analyzer available in the Neos backend:

Neos NodeType Analyzer Backendmodule

It allows you to browser through your nodetypes and render them with different layouts. Each layout has its own advantages and disadvantages.



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