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Alpha Video ENcoder (AlphaVEN) is a freely availble video editing tool used by the team at Sector Alpha


For now, development is underway for a command line tool, to feature many commonly used video editing methods including

  • appending videos.
  • splitting videos.
  • incorporating fade in and fadeout transitions.

The syntax is to be as concise as possible - the aim is to be easier to use than raw ffmpeg, after all.


To run AlphaVEN, run python [OPTIONS] [file]

file is a file containing formatted instructions. For an example, see exampleinput.ven.

The file is divided into sections by double line breaks. Each section except the optional first section specifies a single video to be created. The first line of each section is the name of the output file that will be created The remaining lines specify sections to cut from a series of input videos. These consist of comma-separated lists containing the input file name and a series of timestamps indicating which portions of the input file to include, and indicators to use fade-ins or fade-outs between those lines.

The first section may be used to define options. Starting a line with "map:" lets you assign paths to short names for convenience. Starting a line with "set:" lets you set certain universal settings.

OPTIONS: -h, --help: Prints help -v, --verbose: Prints additional information during execution -s, --settings: tell alphaVEN to treat the first paragraph as settings


To test whether AlphaVEN or the dependancies are working correctly, run python This will return an ffmpeg command if run correctly. Additionally if you run python testmake the code will run the test ffmpeg command to merge testvideos/testvid1.mp4 and testvideos/testvid2.mp4 to produce testoutput.mp4.



Much more work to do on this, but this is a start of sorts:

  • add ability to confidently combine file formats and differing resolutions
  • write more comprehensive README and instructions



Much more work to do on this, but this is a start of sorts:

  • ensure proper results for videos of differing formats and resolutions

~Cosmo ~Dirdle