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# Makefile for JLucidity
gendirs:= $(BIN) $(CFG)
$(foreach dir,$(gendirs),$(shell $(MKDIR) $(dir) 2>/dev/null))
#CLASS_FILES:= $(subst $(SRC),$(BIN),$(patsubst,%.class,$(wildcard $(SRC)/*.java)))
CLASS_FILES:= $(subst $(SRC),$(BIN),$(patsubst,%.class,$(shell find $(SRC) -name *.java)))
all: tags $(CLASS_FILES)
include src/Makefile
#$(wildcard $(BIN)/*.class): $(BIN)
# mkdir $(BIN)
# $(wildcard $(SRC)/*.java)
tags: $(shell find $(SRC) -name *.java)
-@which ctags > /dev/null && echo "Running ctags"
-@ctags -R $(SRC)/*
#$(wildcard *.java)
#$(wildcard $(SRC)/*.java)
doc: $(shell find $(SRC) -name *.java)
javadoc $(JAVADOC_FLAGS) -sourcepath $(SRC) -subpackages jlucidity
@touch $@
clean: cleansrc
@$(RM) $(BIN)/*.class
@$(RM) tags
@$(RMDIR) $(BIN)
@$(RMDIR) $(CFG)
@$(RMDIR) doc
cleanall: clean cleandoc
.PHONY: all clean cleandoc cleanall
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