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3d touch board.
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Microchip’s MGC3X30 are 3D gesture recognition and motion tracking controller chips based on Microchip’s patented GestIC technology.They enable user command input with natural hand and finger movements.


Install ncurses

download from here

Recommended ncurses-6.1.tar.gz

Install instructions

tar -xvf ncurses-x.x.tar.gz
cd ncurses-x.x/
sudo make install

NOTICE: the x.x in instructions is the version of ncurses that you download. 6.1 if ncurses-6.1.tar.gz

Check whether the ncurse installation finished:

ncursesx-config --version

NOTICE: the x in instructions is the version of ncurses that you download.6 if ncurses-6.1.tar.gz

install wiringPi

git clone
cd wiringPi

Library Usage

clone this library

cd Seeed_mgc3x30
make clean && make

And then, you can see a terminal graph and test the 3D touch board.

Function Support

The library support functions blow:

  • x,y,z axis position detection.
  • gesture: four types,left,right,up,down
  • airwheel
  • Touch,tap,double tap.

This software is written by downey for seeed studio and is licensed under The MIT License. Check License.txt for more information.

Contributing to this software is warmly welcomed. You can do this basically by
forking, committing modifications and then pulling requests (follow the links above
for operating guide). Adding change log and your contact into file header is encouraged.
Thanks for your contribution.

Seeed Studio is an open hardware facilitation company based in Shenzhen, China.
Benefiting from local manufacture power and convenient global logistic system,
we integrate resources to serve new era of innovation. Seeed also works with
global distributors and partners to push open hardware movement.

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