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Seeed Studio

🤗 Welcome to the Seeed Studio open source community!

Since day one, open source is in our DNA. We'd love to have this community to host all our open source projects (including software, codes, documentation, and more), so that we can provide more easy-to-use toolsets to help every innovator to digitalize the world.

The open-source software here is delivered by Seeed. This software is part of our complete software offer that you can find on together with all the associated documentation and related Seeed products (devices, reference designs, development boards, and more).

Although the majority of our software is published here under open-source licenses, part of it is released under proprietary licenses. Please check the included files for more details.

Maintaining the respositories and handling community contributions is not easy. Please do consider to support us by joining us to maintain these repositories. Thank you so much in advance for your contribution.

How you can contribute

We value contributions and we provide the most active and constant contributors with public recognition, maintainer status and hardware goodies. If you are willing to contribute to our GitHub Repositories, please contribute in the following way:

  • Triage open issues: try to reproduce issues reported by other users and confirm whether you can experience them as well, or ask users for more details if needed. Spot duplicates. Improve descriptions. Help users who ask for support.
  • Submit fixes and implementations: pick an open issue or feature request that you think you can implement yourself, and submit a pull request with an implementation.
  • Test open pull requests: try to run the proposed modifications and report your success or failure. Testing on real hardware takes time and any help in this will speed up our responsiveness in merging contributions.
  • Help others contribute by reviewing their code and suggesting good ways to implement fixes and features.
  • Write documentation and improve the existing content.

📖 Further more

For more information, please visit the following channels to learn more about our tech support, product, services, community projects and more:

Popular repositories

  1. Seeed Arduino CAN-BUS library - MCP2518FD&MCP2515&MCP2551

    C++ 732 431

  2. PN532 Public

    Forked from xiongyihui/PN532

    NFC library using PN532 to read/write card and communicate with android

    C++ 371 165

  3. Wio_Link Public

    Wio_Link 8266

    C 181 62

  4. library for GPRS shield with sim900 module.

    C++ 129 98

  5. Public

    Python library for Seeedstudio Grove devices

    Python 129 95

  6. ArduPy Public archive

    👭 👭 ArduPy makes MicroPython and Arduino work together perfectly.

    C 109 15